Clean-Safety Certification

The gold standard for cleanliness.

This certification means that a facility maintains:

High Cleaning Standards

Maintains the highest level of cleaning and disinfection processes.

Proper Cleaning Protocols

Implemented the proper cleaning protocols, disinfection techniques, and best practices for cleaning performance.

Cleaning Professionals

Uses highly informed cleaning professionals who consistently meet and exceed cleaning standard based on CDC guidelines.

Clear Standard is an independent/third-party cleaning inspection service that performs on-going inspections inside this facility.

Our process includes:

  • Surface testing using Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) Luminometers to detect bacteria levels on surfaces
  • 53 point checklist in which we visually inspect high touch surfaces and communal areas
  • Chemical dilution testing to ensure the correct chemicals are used to disinfect properly
  • Equipment audits to ensure that equipment is clean and properly stored

If a facility has met the Clear Standard requirements they will earn the Clear Standard Clean-Safety Certificate which will ensure you that this organization is serious about the cleanliness of this building or office and doing everything they can to ensure your safety.

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